Monday, 25 November 2013

Dressing the Mantle

Have you seen the shops, the queues, the frenzy....I suppose it will stay this way until late Christmas Eve!  I love Christmas, but I am really trying my best to stay focused on toning it's proving a little more difficult than I thought because I'm like a Magpie, I love a little bit of glitter!  Have you all put up your Christmas trees yet?  I haven't ...but I'm planning one like this:

plain and simple

Last weekend while my daughter was at work,  I dressed  her mantelpiece in her flat.  She's very girly and feminine and she does like a touch of pink, so going with the general  theme in her lounge, I used my pink Christmas decorations, bought a few candles, added a few mercuried glass candles with a little bit of bling, a wobbly star,  two crystal candlesticks, two reindeer and that was it.  I'm pleased to say I have one happy daughter!  

I tried a different effect on the photos, which I quite like.

The large church candle was a bargain as was the intricate cut out candle both from TKMaxx, the pink Christmas decorations come from Keydells Nursery Christmas shop which I bought a few years ago, the mercuried candles on the top shelf also come from TKMaxx.  I played around with the LOVE sign but I knew I wanted the centrepiece to be the silver Reindeer from John Lewis.

Now I need to sort out my own Christmas decor.
How is your Christmas decorating coming along?

Thursday, 21 November 2013

toned down

Christmas seems to have crept up on me unawares this year.  I am not in the slightest bit prepared.   Are you?  Last year I had everything organised, right down to the table settings, the menu, the colour of the candles, and what cutlery I would use.

I think it's because very early in the year I decided I wanted a more simple Christmas.  Toned down.   Still beautiful, magical and real, but pared down.  In colour and in theme.  Simplistic.  Nothing too glamourous, too glitzy or too shiny.   I'm not sure I'll get it right, but I am aiming for something like this:

Rustic, natural linen, a bit of foliage and some taupe candles and some homemade clay tags

(all pictures via Pinterest)

My style board to make sure I get it all right:
water hyacinth placemats John Lewis, bark candles from Nordic House, and I love the Spode Rural Delamere available at John Lewis, cutlery my own.

My last two Christmas tables were full of bling and glitter!

Have you started decorating the house for Christmas yet?
I think I might have to this weekend!


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Christmas Fair

On Friday my daughters and I took the train up to London to visit the Country Living Christmas Fair.  We were looking forward to seeing what was new for the Christmas festivities. The business design centre in Islington, which is where the event took place, was jam packed with ladies, interspersed with the odd male, looking rather lost and out of place.  There was so much to see, but unfortunately, so busy and so tightly packed, it was almost impossible to stop at a stand and admire the products on display.  We were shuffling along in a sea of ladies, it was very much like being on the underground during peak hours!   So unfortunately I have no lovely photos of the stands to show you.

What I did manage to do was collect cards from a few worthy stalls I stopped at:

Caroline Zoob homewares, collectables and embroidery here - they were all out of stock when we got to the fair, but I've ordered one of these.

Amanda Ross - exquisitely detailed botanical prints.  Amanda prints directly from cuttings and uses a wide variety of plants here

Glover and Smith - silver tableware and gifts here

Welbeck Tiles handmade in Cornwall here  - you know when you stop at a stall and you just know you should buy something, but think you'll have a quick look first and come back again...regrettably I didn't find it the second time round!

Roxana de Rond Illustrator here

Emma Hardicker here , contemporary artist makes beautiful fabrics made into lampshades, limited edition prints, commissions etc

Terry Macey Clothing here

The painted House here - rollers with patterns for painting on fabric and walls.  I managed to stop at this stall and have a lovely chat to the stall holder.  The rollers can be used to paint fabric and walls.  This is another one of those 'wish I had bought it' thoughts.

I did manage to buy a lovely piece of vintage floral fabric which I'll turn into tiny cushions for my bedroom and a country living diary...

There were many more lovely stands full of delightful things to buy, but it was just too busy to see anything properly, which was a real shame.  I hope the other fairs in Glasgow and Harrogate are at larger centres.  A link where you can see the list of exhibitors here

Have a great week everyone!